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Prior to completing this application for employment, please understand that we are serious about creating a productive working environment for our staff and maintaining the highest levels of product quality and hospitality for our guests.

We want you to understand that we also believe in living by our core values, some of which are:

  • We believe that good is never good enough.
  • We believe in providing unparalleled hospitality - the unique and powerful sort of personal care and attention that helps bring our customrs back often and recommending us to others.
  • We believe in doing business in a consistent, professional, and orderly manner.
  • We believe in honesty, integrity, and reliabilty.
  • We believe that only a happy and professional staff can provide the level of unparalleled hospitality we demand.
  • We believe in ongoing training and development of our staff and see it as a worthy investment in the future for our company.
  • We believe in bringing out the best in each other and all our employees.  Therefore, we only hire, train, and keep the 8s, 9s, and 10s (on scale of 1-10) as part of our staff.

If this feels like an environment for you, and you truly believe you're an 8, 9, or 10, please fill out the below applicaiton form.  We will review each application and schedule interviews with those candidates who we feel are best suited for FIREBREW with regards to experience, availablity, and based on reference checks.

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We are located just off the corner of General Booth Blvd. and Nimmo Pkwy.

Inside the Red Mill Landing Shopping Center.

FIREBREW Bar & Grill

1253 Nimmo Parkway, Suite 117

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

(757) 689-2800


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